Failover Internet Solutions for Business

Failover Internet Solutions for Business

We offer failover Internet solutions for business customers who need the most reliable
Internet access connections possible. We have several options that include wired and wireless
connections to suit your needs. Solutions include: fiber/wireless, fiber/fiber, fiber/cable and
wireless/wireless. We offer service to companies who require a complete failover solution
that includes multi ISP access with IP failover and service that includes a failover from fiber
to cable or wireless access. No matter the situation, all companies need to be online always.

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Failover Internet Solutions for Business

Below are the types of failover Internet connections that we offer:

Fiber Ethernet to Wireless Internet is the most popular failover connection at this
time with most companies doing well with LTE or 4G wireless failover from fiber

Fiber Ethernet to Fiber Ethernet is used when two or more different and diverse
fiber connections are available at your location with no chance of bottleneck potential.

Our wireless options range from dedicated fixed wireless Internet to cellular
based LTE and 4G and satellite connections, for the best coverage possible.

We never share your contact information and you will be contacted by one trusted telecom
expert within our company. We work hard to earn your business and will never pester you.

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